Studio & Sound

I have been involved in audio engineering and live sound design for 10 years. My equipment setup is designed with quality and mobility in mind.  One of my biggest passions is live multi-track sound recording.  However I am also skilled as a live sound board operator as well as theatrical sound designer. My recording rig is mobile and can be used on location, anywhere as the project demands.

Home Base - Divide, CO

Home Base - Divide, CO

Mixing Room in Divide, CO.

  • Midas and Focusrite preamps.

  • DAW: Presonus StudioOne, Ableton Live

  • Plugins: Waves, Neutron, SoundSpot

  • CPU

    • HP - Windows 10 (hombase)

    • MacBook Pro - 10.11 (mobile)

What can I do for you:

  • Record your project

    • Studio Demos/EP/Album

    • Live onsite multi track

  • Mix your Project

    • Pre-existing stems for mix/remix

  • Live Sound Design

    • Sound clips/scoring for theater

  • Live Sound Engineering

    • PA rental as project requires



The Fun Machine Room in Golden, CO:

This room is co designed and co managed with my friend Steve.  We named the room after our Baldwin Fun Machine organ.  

  • Midas Preamps

  • Presonus StudioOne

  • MacBook Pro - 10.13

Click here to learn more about this room and the various projects that come out of this creative space.

Live Room Annex - Golden, CO

Live Room Annex - Golden, CO

I operate in a Project and DIY world.  If you are looking for a high end studio with endless gear choices, that is not me.  I can, however, absolutely point you in the right direction.  For larger mixing projects, I will partner out Mastering to my friend Bill at Royal Recording, please check out his site here.  If you have any questions, inquiries, or ideas - please do not hesitate to reach out on the Booking page.  Let's discuss!